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2016 Winter Warrant Round-up

The Beaumont Police Department is hosting a news conference on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. in the Beaumont Municipal Court Room located at 700 Orleans Street. During the news conference, we will detail the upcoming “Winter Warrant Round-up” scheduled for February 22nd through February 28th.

The winter warrant round-up is a multi agency effort that affords citizens an opportunity to take care of outstanding traffic warrants. There is a grace period before the round-up is put into action which will take place from tomorrow till February 21st. This grace period will allow the people with outstanding warrants an opportunity to settle their warrants without the fear of being arrested.

Representatives from each participating agency will be present at this news conference which will include, Beaumont Police Department, Port Arthur Police Department, Hardin County Sheriff’s Office, Bridge City Police Department, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Immediately following the news conference, the media will have the opportunity to view patrol vehicles equipped with the latest technology used in the enforcement phase of the round-up.

We urge the public to take care of these fines prior to the enforcement phase to avoid being arrested. They are urged to come in person and work with the judges to pay these fines. Please help us spread the message and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Please see the information below for paying fines:

• IN PERSON Beaumont Municipal Court at 700 Orleans Beaumont Texas 77701 Monday through Friday at 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Individuals do not have to present their original citation; however, the person appearing before the court must be the individual charged with the violation. Payments are accepted by cash, debit card, credit card, or money order. There is also a night drop box located on the Forsythe side of the building.
• BY MAIL PO Box 3827, Beaumont Texas 77704
• BY PHONE 1-800-887-5931
• ONLINE www.beaumonttexas.wpengine.com

Surrounding jurisdictions also provide the opportunity to check for outstanding warrants and make payments:
• Port Arthur at www.portarthur.net
• Lumberton at www.trafficpayment.com
• Jefferson County at www.co.jefferson.tx.us
• Hardin County at www.co.hardin.tx.us
• Bridge City at www.bridgecity.tex.com/bc

Sgt. J.C. Guedry