On Thursday January 28, 2016 at 10:16 AM, First Responders were called to Marshall Middle School located at 6455 Gladys in reference to an unconscious child in the nurses office.    Upon arrival, first responders   determined there was a possible gas leak causing children to exhibit signs of possible carbon monoxide exposure.  Fire Investigators got readings that showed elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

Students and faculty were evacuated to safe areas to be evaluated.  Numerous  students  and faculty members reported exposure symptoms such as nausea and headaches.  All students and faculty members that are exhibiting these symptoms were being transported as units are available.

Surrounding hospitals were notified and activated their emergency protocols. We feel confident our hospitals are adequately prepared to handle this incident.

All students that were not exhibiting symptoms were transported by bus to Westbrook High School’s Performing Arts Center.  Parents were notified via Beaumont ISD’s phone messaging system.

Numerous agencies have joined together to make sure all students and faculty members receive necessary treatment.

There are no reports of any serious or fatal injuries.

The initial investigation revealed a problem with one of the gas boilers in the main building. BISD operations department, state inspectors and the Fire Marshall are working together to evaluate and remedy the problem.

We will take as much time as needed to insure the building is safe for students and staff to return.

Updates will be provided through all forms of media.  Parents will be notified through all forms of media and the district’s phone messaging system regarding tomorrow’s school schedule.