Sadly, a Port Arthur, TX resident is now deceased after a very unfortunate vehicle collision in Beaumont’s west end during late night hours.

Just before 11:00PM on 09/18/2015, Beaumont Police Department’s patrol officers were dispatched to the intersection of Major Drive and Hwy 105 to respond to a two vehicle collision.  As officers arrived, they observed two damaged, white colored Ford F-150 trucks resting against the traffic light pole in the intersection.  According to many of the witnesses that observed the collision, the driver of the first white F-150 was heading eastbound on Hwy 105 and failed to stop at the red light at Hwy 105 and Tram Road.  As that same driver approached the intersection of Hwy 105 and Major Drive, the driver failed to stop at this red light as well.  The driver of the second truck was heading southbound on Major Drive approaching Hwy 105.  The driver of the second truck had a green light, and proceeded to turn east onto Hwy 105, just as the driver of the first F-150 blew through the red light at the same intersection.  Because the driver of the first F-150 failed to stop at the red light, both trucks collided with each other.

As a result of the collision, the driver that failed to stop at the red light sustained injuries that they were not able to overcome.  The driver of the second truck also sustained injuries, but after being transported to a local hospital, that driver is expected to live.  Out of respect for the family, the name of the deceased driver will not be released until the family is notified of the driver’s passing.