On Sunday, May 8, 2016 at 5:28AM, two men described as black males with “black hoodies” wrapped around their faces, robbed the Exxpress Mart store, 5710 Hwy. 105.
The suspects reportedly came into the store and put an unknown type handgun to the clerks head and demanded money. There was a second clerk in the store that hid in the back of the store and called police. The suspects quickly got money from the clerk and ran out of the store.
A customer had come into the store during this, and they took his car keys at gunpoint for their second agg. robbery, however, the suspects did not use the car for a getaway. Instead, they ran around the back of the store and disappeared. Police arrived shortly after and search the area for the suspects, but were unable to locate them.
Neither of the clerks nor the customer were harmed during the robbery.
The investigation will continue.