After a lengthy foot chase in the south end of Beaumont, an aggravated robbery suspect was taken into custody on 6/12/16.

The suspect, 21 year old Miyar Kewon Hornes, approached lone females and robbed them of their purses and cell phones. Since his arrest, he has been charged with 2 more Aggravated Robberies, and he’s a suspect in several other cases.

Miyar Hornes


**Public Safety Tip**

It is VERY IMPORTANT to know the IMEI number on your cell phone or electronic device, and to be able to accurately describe it as well. In the event that they are stolen from you, having the IMEI number and being able to accurately describe the cell phone or electronic device helps investigators in locating and positively identifying your property. If you don’t know the IMEI number, Here are a few ways you can find it:


  1. Contact your carrier and they should be able to provide the IMEI number for you.
  2. Take the battery out of your device and look at the space that the battery was occupying. Often times, the IMEI number is written there.
  3. If you have a SAMSUNG product, go to: SETTINGS- MORE- ABOUT PHONE- STATUS. Screenshot it and email it to yourself.
  4. If you have an ANDROID product, go to: SETTINGS-ABOUT PHONE-STATUS. Screenshot it and email it to yourself.
  5. If you have an APPLE product, go to: SETTINGS- GENERAL-ABOUT. Screenshot it and email it to yourself.

If your cell phone gets stolen, provide the officers and detectives with an alternate phone number and an email address so that they may contact you in the event that they find your stolen device!