On Tuesday, 11/10/15 at approximately 3:40 pm, the 3rd Coast Bank, located at 229 Dowlen, was robbed. Witnesses said that a w/m wearing an orange jump suit, wearing a dark bandana covering his face entered the bank and told the teller “give me all the money” showing a hand gun, he was carrying a plastic bag which he placed on the counter for the teller to fill. She took too long and he pulled the bag and began to run out, a customer sitting close by saw and heard the suspect, he then pulled his own gun and began to fire at the suspect as he ran past him, the suspect dropped his gun which turned out to be a plastic B.B. gun. He followed after him into the parking lot and fired 3 more times. The customer was sure that he struck the robber at least once and that he also hit the car’s rear window and a rear tire. No bank employees or customers were hurt were hurt during the gun fire.

Beaumont Police and Federal agents of the FBI are still investigating at this time.