(July 2, 2019 – Beaumont, Texas) Beaumont Animal Care would like to remind everyone that while you are out having fun with your family this 4th of July, remember your pets and to keep them safe this holiday. According to Matthew Fortenberry, Animal Services Manager, “The day after the 4th of July is one of our busiest days of the year with people looking for their lost pet that ran away during a fireworks display”. Many animals are “sound sensitive” and try to run and hide or “escape” from the loud explosions associated with fireworks.

Beaumont Animal Care offers these tips to help keep your pet safe:

– Make sure that your dog or cat has on an identification tag, either rabies or name tag.

– If your pet is micro-chipped this is a good time to make sure the chip is registered with your current address and phone number.

– Leave your pet home when going to fireworks shows.

– Move outside pets indoors during the fireworks displays.

– If your pet does stay outside make sure the fences and gates are secure.

– Provide a crate or kennel for your dog and possibly cover it with a blanket for security.

– For inside pets turn on music or a fan to block out the fireworks outside.

– And lastly, do not shot guns in the air. This is dangerous for both animals and people.

Remember these few tips and have fun this 4th of July. In the event that your animal does escape, monitor local social media sites and please call your local animal control first thing on July 5th. In Beaumont, you may call (409)838-3304.

Contact: Matthew Fortenberry, Manager BAC

Email: [email protected] or phone: (409) 838-3304