Beaumont, Texas:  With area temperatures dipping into the low 20’s, Beaumont Animal Care would like to remind everyone to remember the four legged members of their families as well. At night, remember to bring all of your smaller animals inside or at least into a garage or other covered area. If the animal has to stay outdoors make sure that it has plenty of warm, dry bedding to get into. Make sure that dogs have dog houses with bedding inside of them. Blankets and hay make real good bedding items. Heat lamps work well also, providing an excellent source of heat. Remember to make sure that there is adequate space around the heat lamp to avoid any potential for fires.

Also, make sure that your outside animals have plenty of food and water. They need both to help their bodies generate heat during long periods of cold temperatures. Also, check the animals water bowls in the mornings to make sure that they have not frozen over at night. If the water bowls have frozen over, break the ice to give access to the water underneath.

And remember to never leave dog chained for extended periods of time. Not only does this hinder them from getting out of the cold, but it is against the law to leave a dog chained if the outdoor temperature drops below 32 degrees.

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