Contact: Matthew Fortenberry, Beaumont Animal Care Manager

Office: (409)838-3304 E-Mail: [email protected]

For Immediate Release:

(Beaumont, Texas – June 12, 2019) For month of May 2019, Beaumont Animal Care reports a 91% save rate and have maintained their “No-Kill” status since this past December. The save rate refers to animals that were released live from the shelter or were still living at the shelter at the end of the month. Animals leave the shelter through being reclaimed by their owner(s), being adopted into new homes, being released into temporary foster care, being released into the trap-neuter-return (TNR) program, or by being transferred into another rescue organization.

At the same time, the shelter is now at capacity and Beaumont Animal Care urgently needs the public’s support in finding homes, not just for dogs, but for a major influx of cats and kittens as well. Operating at capacity, the staff is forced to make tough decisions as to the animal’s final outcomes. Animal Care urges the public to spread the word, foster or adopt a cat or kitten today in order to help create space for the incoming animals. As of noon yesterday, the shelter had a total of {75} cats and kittens!

To help address this issue, Beaumont Animal Care has reduced the adoption fees for all cats and kittens to $20 for the entire month of June, which ironically happens to be National Adopt a Shelter Cat month. This fee covers all of the animals vaccinations, spay or neuter and a micro-chip.

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