City of Beaumont Animal Care Encourages Beaumont Citizens to Check both the Pine Street Shelter as well as Ford Park for their missing animals.

September 5, 2017

Beaumont, Texas: Beaumont Animal Services paired with the Humane Society of the United States is bringing in animals daily; most are a result of being left behind or displaced by Harvey. We have four field officers responding to calls and a 4 -8 man Animal Rescue Team going out daily, conducting High-Water rescues. We currently, have about 100 animals in our shelter at 1884 Pine St.

Beaumont Animal Care’s Animal Shelter is under emergency operations and is currently not open to the public, but to assist the public in looking for their displaced animals, Beaumont Animal Care will be open for RECLAIMS ONLY, from 2:00PM to 4:30PM, Monday thru Saturday. The Shelter is located at 1884 Pine St. Please bring an ID and any vaccination records and maybe a photo of the missing pet to assist in locating it.

Also, be sure to check the County’s sheltering location at Ford Park on IH-10; many other rescue groups are taking animals to this location. The Houston ASPCA is set up there, manning the small animal shelter and would be able to assist citizens at that location.

Contact: Matthew Fortenberry, Beaumont Animal Care Manager Email: [email protected] phone: (409) 838-3304


Susan Toney, BAC Adoption / Shelter Coordinator @ (409)838-3304