Beaumont Animal Services wins Civil Seizure Hearing in Case Involving Starving Dogs


January 21, 2016                    BAS patch

Beaumont, Texas:  Beaumont Animal Services was granted full custody of a remaining, living dog that was seized this past weekend.   Justice of the Peace, Nancy Beaulieu presided over the seizure hearing and after testimony from both the Animal Services Officer and the dog owner in question, granted Animal Services full custody of the dog.

Beaumont Animal Services officers responded to the 4300 Blk of Ector this past Saturday on January 16th, in regards to a starving dog.   Upon the officer’s arrival at 4335 Ector, a severely malnourished pit bull was found deceased and still tied to a chain.   Another blue, pit bull was on a chain several feet away.   Both animals were taken on an emergency seizure warrant.   A necropsy was performed on the deceased dog, which showed the dog had died of starvation and the most disturbing find was the dog’s stomach contents only consisted of twigs, leaves and dirt.

Today’s court ruling will allow Beaumont Animal Services to assess and treat the remaining dog.   Criminal charges could be filed for animal cruelty as early as next week against the dog’s owner.



Matthew Fortenberry

Director of Animal Control

Beaumont Animal Services



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