Several months ago, one of our very own Beaumont Police Officers, Officer Dannie Davis, made the decision to try his hand at fitness competitions– specifically physique competitions.  His decision and dedication resulted in him finishing 1st in two different categories and 2nd in another, in a national level physique competition!


Officer Davis committed to very strict weight training and extremely healthy eating habits in preparation for a National Physique Competition that took place in Dallas, TX on October 24, 2015.  As a first time competitor in the fitness industry,  all Officer Davis’ knowledge of fitness competitions came from reading about it and having conversations with others.  After preparing as much as he possibly could,  Officer Davis set out for Dallas.  When the time to compete rolled around, Officer Davis ended up coming in 1st place! Officer Davis took 1st place in 2 different categories and 2nd place in another. He came back to Beaumont with a trophy, a plaque, and 2 gold medals. He even walked away from the competition with a supplement company wanting to sponsor him! With so many things happening and gaining attention on a national level, we have a great example of an officer in our own backyard that has not only shown exemplary character while on-duty, but has also committed himself to modeling that same character even when he’s off-duty.  Congratulations Officer Davis.  We’re proud of you!


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