Wednesday, February 08, 2017 Detectives filed charges on Tiffany Shanta Hawkins, 25 year old Beaumont woman and Brandy Shantha Springer, 38 year old Beaumont woman, for filing a false report with the Beaumont Police Department.
Thursday, February 2, 2017, Hawkins and Springer staged a kidnapping. They duct taped Hawkins and her 7 year old daughter, took pictures of them and then locked themselves in the trunk of a vehicle. They reported the incident to Beaumont Police. Numerous officers, dispatchers and others conducted a lengthy search. Hawkins and her daughter were located on Potter St in Beaumont. Detectives took statements from all parties involved. Detectives found evidence that proved the kidnapping was staged. Hawkins and Springer finally admitted they lied. They staged the incident and sent pictures of themselves duct taped to Hawkin’s boyfriend in an attempt to try and explain missing money.
Detectives reported the incident to CPS and advised them the mother involved her 7 year old in the incident.

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