Beaumont Police Officers are actively searching for a mentally handicapped man who walked away from his healthcare facility.

At about 8:12pm on 08/07/15, patrol officers were summoned to the 9100 block of Landis Drive in Beaumont’s west end, to search for a young adult man, 24 year old Eric Arline.  Arline is a resident of The Landis House, a group home specializing in assisting those with mental disabilities.  According to workers, Eric was last seen standing in the garage of the home at approximately 6:00pm.  Eric is described as a 6’0″ , 150 lb black male, with short black hair, dark brown eyes, and a medium dark complexion.  Eric has a mild case of mental retardation, and at times, will stutter when speaking.  Eric was last seen wearing a white polo shirt and blue jean shorts.  Eric has walked away in the past, but has come back each time.

Beaumont officers are still currently working hard to locate Eric, and bring him back to The Landis House safely.