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On Saturday January 31, the Beaumont Police Explorers Post 730 traveled to Lake Jackson for the 15 Annual Lake Jackson/Angleton Explorer Competition. There were 40 teams from 18 different agencies that competed from all over Texas. The Beaumont Explorers had 3 teams; each team competed in 4 different scenarios throughout the day. The teams finished the competition by winning 1st place in Bomb Scene, 2nd place in Active Shooter, 2nd place Domestic Disturbance, and 2nd place Felony Traffic Stop. We are very proud of our Explorers and their accomplishments.

Anyone interested in becoming an explorer, please contact Officer D. Valdez at 409-654-3602 for more information.

The Beaumont Police Explorer Program is a scouting project for boys and girls, age 14 thru 20; application is required.