Another dangerous, convicted felon in Beaumont’s north end has been apprehended and jailed, thanks to the diligence of Beaumont Police Officers.

At about 7:19am on 09/02/15, Beaumont Police Department’s patrol officers arrived in the 2200 block of Sweetgum Lane, in reference to a disturbance involving a man shooting a handgun.  As officers began speaking with some of the people involved in the disturbance, it was learned that the person shooting the gun, 36 year old Beaumont resident Gerald Downs, was wearing small shorts and a yellow shirt, and standing a bit of a distance away from the officers’ current location.  According to one of the people involved in the disturbance, Downs shot a small silver handgun a few times, before approaching the victim, putting the gun to the victim’s face, and threatening to shoot.  As officers began searching the area for Downs, they observed him attempting to walk.  Downs disappeared around the corner of a building for a short time, and then reappeared from around the building, walking back in the direction of Beaumont officers.  Officers detained Downs and after searching the immediate area around the building Downs discovered the small silver handgun lying on the ground.  Downs was then arrested for Aggravated Assault, and taken to the Jefferson County Jail.

Gerald Downs