Wednesday, 10/21/15 at approximately 11:22 am. Beaumont Police Swat, Special Assignment Unit and Police Patrol Officers served a search warrant at 1123 Long St. At the same time Police teams were serving numerous arrest warrants throughout the city. This resulted in 51 arrest warrants. A total of 40 people were taken into custody. Federal Agency’s DEA, ATF, US Marshalls also assisted with possible new charges.

The search warrant on Long St. netted 9 Gun’s, one that is stolen, also recovered 42 Grams of crack cocaine.

1123 Long has been a huge problem area to the city. Citizen complaints and many patrol arrest have resulted in guns and drugs taken off this street. Beaumont Police Department’s Special Assignment Unit and The Narcotics/Vice Unit compiled a total of 115 Felony warrants and 10 Misdemeanor cases. They were presented to the DA’s office. And in return BPD received 115 SEALED warrants.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Officer Joe Ornelas