BWNs are instituted by public water systems (PWSs) as specified by Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §290.46(q) in the event of:

The PWS should issue a BWN, with specific mandatory language within 24 hours of meeting any of the criteria listed above. The BWN should be delivered using one or more delivery method, based on the public water system type.

A PWS shall not rescind a BWN until it has provided required compliance documentation to the TCEQ which shows that the PWS has met the following requirements:

· Water distribution pressures greater than 20 psi are consistently maintained throughout the distribution system.

· The distribution system has been flushed, disinfectant residuals are consistently maintained above the minimum regulatory requirements (0.2 mg/L free chlorine or 0.5 mg/L total chlorine) in each finished water storage tank and throughout the distribution system.

· PWSs with surface water and groundwater under the influence of surface water sources only: water entering the distribution system has a turbidity level that is consistently maintained below 1.0 NTU.