Beaumont Police Detectives, along with Investigators from the District Attorney’s Office, have filed additional charges related to the death of Rhydan Bolton.

Detectives filed additional charges of aggravated kidnapping against Orlando Garcia, Kristofer Garcia, and Darren Spikes. These three are currently in custody for the murder of Bolton. Detectives have established that Bolton was killed after he was mistaken for another person who had prior contact with the three murder suspects.

Seventeen-year-old Rogelio Garcia, of Beaumont was identified as an accomplice during the investigation and is now facing charges of aggravated kidnapping related to the events that led up to Bolton’s murder.

In the course of this extensive investigation, Detectives discovered that this group kidnapped and assaulted a juvenile in an attempt to locate their intended victim.

This investigation is still on-going and additional suspects may be identified. We are also working to determine if witnesses who gave statements, may have given false or incomplete statements. If Detectives determine that is the case, then those people may face criminal charges as well.