On Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM, the Beaumont Police Department will host a media event at the Range Training Facility. This event will showcase Beaumont PD’s new MILO Range Training System.

MILO Range was purchased with grant funds and is a state of the art, training system that uses interactive video scenarios to provide realistic training in use of force options and tactical judgement. The Beaumont Police Department is committed to continuous training to enhance our Officer’s skills in verbal de-escalation and decision making.

The MILO Range System will also be used during our Citizen’s Police Academy Courses, to give the students a safe way to experience realistic scenarios that Police Officers face each day.  The citizens will encounter different situations such as domestic disturbances, traffic stops, and active shooter incidents that could escalate very quickly. They will also experience rapidly evolving “shoot or don’t shoot” style scenarios.

We believe this training is invaluable when it comes to furthering our Officers decision making and tactical judgement skills and giving our Citizens a chance to experience the split second decisions that police have to make when encountering a suspect.