At 9:23 P.M. last night, Beaumont Police Department’s patrol officers were dispatched to the McDonald’s restaurant at 1550 IH-10 East, in reference to a victim of a shooting. Officers were advised that a black male, later identified as 36 year old Jermaine Jones, entered the restaurant with a large bloodstain on the left side of his chest. Employees feared Jones had been shot. While the employees were attempting to call 911 for Jones, he entered the “employees only” area behind the counter and began acting as if he were an employee.
Police arrived and instructed Jones to move from behind the counter since he was not an actual employee of the restaurant. As officers instructed Jones to move from behind the counter, they observed Jones’ demeanor and noted that he was displaying signs of excited delirium. Jones initially refused the officers’ instructions, before charging them. Jones resisted the officers’ attempts at arresting him, but the officers were able to quickly regain control of him. Jones was subsequently arrested for resisting. It was later discovered that the large bloodstain on Jones’ shirt was the result of a self inflicted cut to his chest, which was achieved with a broken tabasco sauce bottle. Jones was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital for treatment on his intoxication and his chest laceration, prior to being transported to the Jefferson County Jail for Resisting Arrest.
Jermaine Jones