On Saturday, 11/14/15 at approximately 11:59 pm a burglar entered a garage in the 6800 block of Saratoga St.  A witness was sitting in her car in front of the residence and saw a man walk into the garage and remove a Chain Saw and a Pole Saw. She then confronted the man who tried to leave, the home owner’s son came out of the house and the witness told him what was happening. The Burglar had the Pole Saw across his lap and could not close the driver side door, so the homeowner’s son was able to reach in and grab the car keys. The homeowner came out and the Burglar tried to “make a deal”, he would return the items if police were not called. The homeowner called for Police and arrested the Burglar.

Arrested was: Curtis Joseph Sylvester Back Male date of birth 02/08/62.  His vehicle was towed.

Police want to Remind you: Please close and lock all doors and Vehicles


Officer Joe Ornelas