On Friday, 02/06/2015, at approximately 9:46 hrs, Beaumont Police Officers Responded to 4255 Crow Rd, in reference to. Small children being left in a car.

A witness reported hearing a Baby crying inside the vehicle when he arrived at approximately 9:43. He advised that he went into his apartment and told a relative. The relative said that she came home at approximately 9:30, but did not notice any children in the car but did notice the car was running. Officers arrived and found an infant in the front seat and two small children sleeping in the back seat.

Child Protective Services (CPS) responded to the scene and placed the children in the custody of a relative. The mother was placed under arrest for “Abandoning/ Endangering Child”.

Children’s age:   6 month old (boy)

3 and 4 year old (girl’s)

Officer J. Ornelas

Beaumont Police