Citizens Help Police in capturing Another Burglar.


On Wednesday, 10/14/15 at 10:35 am. Police dispatch received a call from a citizen that saw a man go into an apartment at 1280 Saxe. The caller gave a description of the suspect and that he was leaving carrying a large T.V. Officers quickly arrived and began to search, one of the Officer spotted the suspect as he carried the T.V. inside a residence in the 1000 block of Park Street. Other Officers arrived and detained several men in the front yard including the actor who had taken the T.V. inside the home. After gaining consent officers went inside the residence and located the stolen T.V. and 2 small children that had been left alone by the actor while he was out getting the T.V. Other items located may also result to be items stolen from other burglaries.

Detectives are interviewing the suspects.

Officer Joe Ornelas