On Tuesday, January 31st, the Beaumont City Council approved the complete re-vamping of the City’s animal care ordinances.  One major change that was included in the new ordinances was updating the City’s rabies vaccination requirements.   Previously, all dogs or cats over (4) months of age were required to have a rabies vaccination once per year by a licensed veterinarian. Now, every dog or cat over (4) months of age will be required to have a rabies vaccination once every three (3) years.   Below is the complete wording of the amended ordinance:

Sec. 4.04.003 – Rabies Vaccination

Every owner of a dog, cat or ferret four (4) months of age or older shall have such animal immunized against rabies once every three (3) years by a veterinarian duly licensed to practice in the state of Texas. There shall be a fee charged for vaccinations administered at the City Animal Care Facility as provided for in section 4.09.001. Any person moving into the City shall comply with this section within thirty (30) days after relocation. To prevent improper vaccination of animals against and the accidental exposure of humans to rabies, killed virus rabies vaccine for animals shall be administered only by or under the direct supervision of a veterinarian who is licensed to practice in Texas.


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