City of Beaumont

Beginning Saturday, September 2, 2017 at this time, a bottled water distribution point has been established at 2445 Concord Road until 7 P.M. The traffic flow will begin in the 1700 block of the IH 10 Frontage Road (West Bound) and travel to St. Helena Street. Vehicles will turn North on St. Helena and arrive at the distribution point. (see map pictured below)

Each Vehicle will receive bottled water. The water will be distributed until just before dark OR until supplies are diminished.

If more supplies arrive to the city, we hope to set up additional Points of Distribution (P.O.Ds). That information will be released via an Official City of Beaumont Press Release and the Beaumont Police and Beaumont Fire Rescue Facebook Pages.



There will be a designated area for media to stage at the P.O.D.

Our goal is to make this distribution operation run as smoothly as possible. A PIO will meet media at the staging location for updated information about the operation.
Media only, please contact Officer Haley Morrow on location for additional information.