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Hi! We are your City Communications department. Our job is to make information easily accessible to the public. We promote city events, provide recaps on City Council meetings, share city announcements, and so much more! Keep up to date on all things the City of Beaumont is doing by following us on our various social platforms below.

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Our job is to communicate to the public what the City has done and what we are doing, increase transparency and build trust between the citizens and the City, and raise awareness of City departments, divisions, programs, and services. We help promote everything from public works and infrastructure that keeps the city running (roads, streets, water, drainage) to quality-of-life programs that makes you want to live, stay, and play here.

We utilize as many digital and traditional media channels as we can to reach as many residents as possible, which includes: social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, NextdoorYoutube), press releases/news alerts, email and E-newsletters, TV (Channel 4 – our public access channel), the website, and on occasion, direct mail or text, emails, and calls for emergency alerts. We also have partnerships with local media outlets in TV and print and local businesses and organizations we share information with.

You can follow us on social media, tune in to channel 4, our public access channel, stay up-to-date with City Council, attend your local neighborhood association meetings, visit our website, and subscribe to “City News” and alerts.

Unless the city is a partner or has a vested interest in the project or program, we cannot promote private citizens, organizations, or businesses.

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