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Mayor Pro Tem

Married to Suzann Sellers Feldschau.

Children: Justin Feldschau (wife, Kim), Amy Everett (husband, Michael) and six grandchildren.

Randy Feldschau grew up in Southeast Texas and is a graduate of South Park High School. He is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, holding credentials with them since 1979.

Randy has a proven heart for the advancement of his community. Those who know him best speak of his integrity, compassion, and dedication to seeing great things happen in the lives of those around him.

In his role as senior pastor of Cathedral Church for 13 years, Randy has continually impacted Beaumont, raising funds to help those in need in Southeast Texas as well as meeting the spiritual needs of the area. With 39 years in the ministry, he is experienced in promoting community transformation, dealing with poverty, violence, racism, and tragedy. He is dedicated to working with people to find not just quick fixes, but lasting solutions.

“Not In My City,” a ministry affiliated with Cathedral Church, is helping to heal the racial divide within our community by promoting unified solutions to the unique problems we face. By hosting meetings with community leaders, law enforcement, and city officials, Randy is opening the channels of communication and pioneering winning strategies for combating discrimination and the divisions afflicting Beaumont.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike and Harvey, Randy was one of the first to respond to the devastation in Southeast Texas. Throwing open the doors of Cathedral, he organized a staging area for helping victims and a distribution point for much needed food and supplies. Disaster teams from around the nation were housed at Cathedral for many months. Determined to continue helping the community recover from these catastrophic events, he spearheaded the formation of United Aid of Southeast Texas. United Aid is a non-profit under the umbrella of Cathedral Church which will rebuild and refurbish over 135 homes in Southeast Texas by spring of 2020 for the victims of Harvey and Imelda.

Through his many church ministries, through Not in My City and United Aid of Southeast Texas, and in the capacity of a Beaumont City Council member, Randy continues to seek spiritual and practical solutions to the challenges facing the people of Beaumont and Southeast Texas