City-Wide Ditching Program

The City of Beaumont has initiated the City-Wide Ditching Program to survey, remove ditch sediment and jet culverts on the nearly 450+ miles of roadside ditches that serve to drain stormwater to either the Neches River or the Jefferson County Drainage District No. 6 channels.

The purpose of this program is to bring the ditches back to the size and capacity they were originally constructed at.  In order to do so the project will:

  • Survey the culverts and ditches across the City to establish direction of flow and identify culverts that must be reset.
    • All culverts that are out of grade by 3” or more will be reset to reduce water buildup in ditches.
  • Sediment will be removed from ditches to restore original flowlines. Ditches will not be widened or deepened.
  • Streets & Drainage will jet/clean culverts after the contractor has removed sediment from the ditches.