The City of Beaumont provided the Civic Center this past Saturday for Southeast Texas Emergency Relief Fund (A Jefferson County Long Term Relief Organization). Red Cross was one of the volunteer organizations on scene and had an overwhelming turnout. The City of Beaumont then provided the Central Park location on Fannin St. Sunday, so Red Cross could continue to work with impacted citizens. This location will remain open until Thursday, October 17, 2019.

The City of Beaumont Office of Emergency Management is working with the county, the state and FEMA officials to establish a DRC (Disaster Recovery Center) in Beaumont. Our city is still in recovery stage and we will continue to work closely with volunteer, state and federal organizations and assist them with their programs.

The City of Beaumont realizes some of the citizens were struggling before Imelda’s impact, were on fixed incomes, or didn’t have insurance, and now need the most assistance. We will continue to work to help those citizens as well as all other citizens that were impacted and need assistance.

We are so thankful for our local churches and volunteer organizations that have stepped up and helped our community. It truly takes a village.