From the Office of Mayor Becky Ames                                                                              Monday, August 24, 2020


Judge Jeff Branick and Jefferson County Mayors met at 5:30pm this evening and again at 7:45pm. During the 7:45pm meeting we received information that the storm appears to be moving more toward our direction.  A decision was made to call for a mandatory evacuation that will go into effect at 6:30am tomorrow morning, Tuesday, August 25, 2020.  The City of Beaumont and we expect that other Jefferson County Mayors will be issuing mandatory evacuation orders effective tomorrow for cities in Jefferson County.  High winds are forecasted to be in our area around noon Wednesday with a landfall around early morning Thursday.  Please know, if you choose to stay and not evacuate, emergency responders will not be able to assist you once the winds reach 35mph. Plan for power outages, heavy rain and hurricane force winds.  This storm is predicted to move through quickly and not linger like recent storms. Keep in mind this can change. Monitor vetted sources.