auction truckThe City of Beaumont’s online auction of surplus property is open, and it will begin March 20 and run through April 7 at Items for sale will include various vehicles, equipment, and furniture. Once the auction is open, all items will be available for viewing at the auction site, and vehicles and equipment can be viewed in person at the City of Beaumont Fleet Services Center, 4955 Lafin Road in Beaumont.

  • Items are sold as-is, without warranty or guarantee.
  • Bids for all items will be accepted online only. Bids will not be accepted in-person.
  • All items must be picked up within the time frame stated on the auctioneer’s website.  After the specified date, a $25 per-day per item storage fee will be charged to the buyer.
  • The City cannot provide transportation or loading services for buyers. Lifting, towing, and hauling or transport of purchased items is is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

In addition to viewing items online, prospective buyers may view items in person by appointment only:

Fleet Services (Location 1), 4955 Lafin Road, Beaumont, TX
Contact John Yarbrough or  at (409) 842-5885

Fire Shop (Location 2), 1125 Archie St.
Contact Terry Denson at 409-833-9231

Surplus Warehouse (Location 3), 460 Wall St.
Contact Cynthia Miller at (409) 880-3720

Location 1 and 2 to view items up for auction, will need to make an appointment for March 30th or March 31st.  Time will be for 1-3 :30 each day.

Location 3 to view surplus items will be Thursday April 2, 9-4:30 pm.  Bidders will need to make an appointment.

For more information, call the City of Beaumont Purchasing Division at (409) 880-3720.

BUTTON auction