The City continues to progress in its fight against flooding. In order to meet requirements of the CRS (Community Rating System), the Community Development Department has identified properties that are prone to flooding, known as repetitive loss areas. We have identified the properties using current tax roll data in ArcGIS and notified them of this status through the US postal service. The City engineering office and the Jefferson County Drainage District #6 engineer have been made aware of the analysis. Several studies have been conducted in the City due to past evaluations and mitigation measures have been implemented.

The City’s FIRM (Federal Insurance Rate Map) is still in the process of being updated. The new maps have been distributed and we have entered our final 90 day appeals period. Due to several appeals, the data was updated. In an attempt to improve floodplain management for the City, we continue to update the digital map we have access to, reflecting those changes approved to date. This is not an official map, but it is a great tool for plan review and office use. We have also been using the DFIRM, especially in situations that will be more restrictive with the new map.

The City of Beaumont was awarded $965,626 in SRL funds to purchase and demolish the apartment complex at 2505 Sweetgum, providing relief from flooding. This project was completed earlier this year.

All other properties and goals listed in the goals and objectives of the flood section of the City of Beaumont Hazard Mitigation Plan have not been addressed due to a lack of funds.

For more information, call the Planning & Community Development Department at 409-880-3764.