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The National Weather Service in Lake Charles is forecasting a cold week of temperatures, but no precipitation.

Today’s morning’s lows will be 32 to 40 F. Thursday morning will be the coldest with temperatures 20 to 25 F. Friday morning will be between 25 and 32 F in most areas.

Roger Erickson
Warning Coordination Meteorologist
National Weather Service
Lake Charles, LA
With cold temperatures, it is important to remember home heating safety tips.

• Keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet from heating equipment such as a furnace, fireplace, wood stove, or space heater.
• Never use the oven to warm a room and do not leave burning candles unattended.
• Use the proper fuel designed for your fuel-burning space heater.
• Turn portable heaters off when you leave the room or go to bed.
• Have heating equipment and chimneys cleaned and inspected every year.
• Install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors.
• Test smoke alarms at least once a month.

Temperatures that drop below normal and wind speeds that increase, can cause heat to leave your body quicker. These weather related conditions may lead to serious health problems. Extreme cold is a dangerous situation that can bring on health emergencies in susceptible people and pets. Check on family and friends who live in homes that are poorly insulated or without heat. Make sure children are dressed warm and stay dry. If you have to do heavy outdoor chores or you work outside, dress in layers, cover your head and avoid walking on ice or getting wet. Protect your pets and make sure they have adequate shelter.
From the Water Utilities perspective:

1. Disconnect outside water hoses. If left connected during freezing temperatures, the water in hoses will freeze and expand causing connecting faucets and pipes to freeze and break.

2. Protect and Insulate exposed pipes, faucets, and exposed pipes in unheated areas. Use foam padding sleeves or special insulating tape to guard your pipes. Even a small unprotected area can freeze and cause problems. Don’t forget to check all irrigation devices, backflow prevention devices, pool pumps, and unprotected fire sprinkler lines.

3. If possible, open cabinet doors along exterior walls to allow more heat to get to un-insulated pipes under a sink or appliance near an outer wall.

4. Meter boxes should have a properly fitting lid. If there is a problem,
call City of Beaumont City Utilities at 311 if you have no water at all or to report a water line leak.

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