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Ashley Larsen                                                       Kody Burrows                                                       Kale Burrows


On Friday, September 12, at about 5:20 p.m., Officers from our Special Assignment Unit were enroute to serve outstanding arrest warrants on 34-year-old Kody Burrows and 39-year-old Ashley Larsen at their residence in the 9200 block of Glenmeadow.  As the officers approached the intersection of N. Major @ Glenmeadow, they saw Larsen in a vehicle.  They stopped and took Larsen into custody for the outstanding Motion to Revoke Probation Warrant out of Harris County.

The officers then brought Larsen back to her house on Glenmeadow where they found Kody Burrows and 30-year-old Kale Burrows.  While taking Kody Burrows into custody for the outstanding Possession of Controlled Substance Warrant, the officers saw drug paraphernalia in plain view.  The drug paraphernalia included syringes.  As they officers were checking Kale Burrows for warrants, they discovered he had an outstanding Parole Violation Warrant. They took Kale into custody as well.

The officers then called for the assistance of Narcotics Officers who arrived and wrote up a search warrant to search the residence based on the drug paraphernalia seen in plain sight.  Judge Nancy Beaulieu signed the warrant and the Narcotics Officers formally searched the house.  During the search, the officers found a quantity of Dilaudid and black tar heroin, both controlled substances.

Officers took Burrows, Larsen, and Burrows to the county jail and booked them in on the outstanding warrants as well as two new charges of felony possession of a controlled substance.

These arrests stemmed from complaints phoned into our narcotics unit by the residents of the neighborhood in which Burrows and Larsen were living.  Because of the neighbors’ refusal to allow illegal activity to take place in their neighborhood, coupled with their willingness to do the right thing and phone police, we were able to take three felons off the street.  We encourage all citizens to do the right thing and phone us whenever they witness or suspect criminal activity is taking place in their neighborhood.  With the cooperation of citizens, we will be more successful in our mission of keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Sgt. Rob Flores, Jr.