A particularly vile batch of “synthetic marijuana” is being sold in Beaumont that will cause users to experience extreme paranoia, hallucinations, combative and violent behavior, seizures, and ultimately result in a comatose state.  Use of this illegal substance will result in a medical emergency for the user that may cost them their life.

Over the past week, Beaumont EMS has responded to over fifty overdoses related to the use of this dangerous batch of “synthetic marijuana.”  Local hospital emergency rooms have been inundated with patients who have overdosed on this controlled substance.

The “synthetic marijuana” goes by the street name of “Woo” or “Gumbo” and may also be referred to as “Serenity.”  Our Patrol Division and Narcotics Unit are working to track down the source of this dangerous substance to seek full prosecution of those individuals selling it.

We are urging citizens who have any knowledge of people selling this dangerous controlled substance to contact Crime Stoppers at 409-833-TIPS.  Your anonymous tip may save a life and may earn you a cash reward of up to $1,000.

We are further urging people to not smoke or ingest this controlled substance as it may result in your death.


Sgt. Rob Flores, Jr.