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Xena #52316
Age: 1 year
Sex: Female

Adoptable from Beaumont Animal Care

Beaumont Animal Care is proud to announce the continuation of its Spay and Neuter Voucher program, which will allow eligible Beaumont residents to have their animals fixed for free. We are currently able to issue 1 voucher per household per year. Appointments are done on a first-come, first-serve basis and there is a limited amount of vouchers. You can apply at 1884 Pine St. Beaumont, TX 77703. You will need to bring a valid ID and a utility bill with a matching name and address.

If you would like to help sponsor this program, please click the donate button at the top of this page, then in the notes section be sure to state that the donation is for the Spay and Neuter Voucher program. Thank you for your continued support. For more information, please contact the staff at Beaumont Animal Care.

Beaumont Animal Care esta orgullozo de anunciar la continuacion de nuesto programa de cupon para estirilizar y castrar perros y gatos gratis! En este momento solo somos capaz de emitir uno cupon por hogar por año. Las citas son echars por orden de llegada, tenemos una cantidad fija de cupones. Para llenar la aplicasion porfavor venga a vernos a 1884 Pine St. Beaumont, TX 77703. Tendra que traer su identificasion y un factura de utilidad con el mismo nombre y direccion en los dos documentos.

Si quiziera patrocinar este programa, porfavor dele un click al boton de doncaion en la parte superior de esta pagina, asegurence que en la secion de notas escriba que es para el programa del cupon para esterilizar y castrar. Gracias for su apoyo continuo. Para mas informasion, porfavor contacte el personal de Beaumont Animal Care.

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Physical Address:
Animal Care
1884 Pine St.
Beaumont, TX 77703
Main: (409) 838-3304
Fax: (409) 838-3324

Mailing Address:
Beaumont Animal Care
1884 Pine St.
Beaumont, TX 77703

Division Supervisor
Matthew Fortenberry
Office: (409) 838-3304
Fax: (409) 838-3324


Your adopted pet will receive its first set of vaccinations, first deworming, 1 month of flea treatment, will be spayed/ neutered, & microchipped. 

We have cats and dogs always looking for forever homes. On occasion we even get in rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chickens, goats, & other small farm life that are placed up for adoption.

We are open Tuesday through Friday from 10 am till 5 pm. And Saturdays 10 am till 4 pm.

No, there are no breed restrictions in Beaumont city limits.  

All stray animals will be held on a 3-5 business day stray hold period to give an owner time to reclaim. If the animal is not reclaimed within the stray hold period, they are then eligible for adoption, rescue pull, or to be humanely euthanized.  

Call 311 to report any loose animals within city limits. After hours and on weekends, officers will only respond if a stray is caught/contained or injured. 

No, though ACO’s work closely with BPD, we are our own department reporting to the assistant city manager.  

Ordinance 4.03.001 prohibits dogs from being at-large within city limits. A dog outside of a secure enclosure or off its owner’s property without a leash will be considered “at-large” and a citation can be issued. To report a dog at-large, call 311.  

Under ordinance 4.02.003, it is unlawful for any person to abandon, forsake, or dump any dog, cat, or other animals within the city for any reason. Citations will be issued for any person caught dumping animals.  

Yes, animal care officers respond to all calls for service involving vicious animals. Please call 311 to report a vicious animal or 911 if it is an emergency.  

Never attempt to grab an animal you’re unfamiliar with as you never know its temperament. Instead, call Beaumont Animal Care to see if anyone has reported the pet missing. Take a photo of the animal and post in Facebook groups, Nexdoor, and other apps to spread the word and help find the owner. The animal can also be scanned for a microchip at Beaumont Animal Care or vet clinics.  

If your pet went missing, go to your nearest animal shelter and check if your pet is there. You can also send a picture of them to Beaumont Animal Care’s Facebook page with details on when/where they went missing. The pet’s information will then be posted to their “Lost and Found” photo album online. The most important thing you can do is not lose hope! Check back constantly to see if your pet is at the shelter. 

Microchipping your pet is the best way to ensure that your missing cat/dog will find its way back to you. A microchip is administered like a vaccine between the shoulder blades and is roughly the size of a grain of rice. It is not like a GPS tracker, but instead carries your info so that you can be contacted once the animal has been picked up by an Animal Care officer or found by a citizen and taken to be scanned. All animals are scanned for a microchip before entering the facility in hopes of reuniting them with their families. Beaumont Animal Care microchips for a fee of $15 every day during normal business hours. No appointment necessary. 

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