The City Clerk’s office is the custodian of the City’s official records, including ordinances, resolutions, deeds, contracts, leases, easements, annexation proceedings, petitions and minutes of City Council and other official bodies; processes all notices for publication; receives competitive bids and records minutes of the official bid opening sessions. The City Clerk conducts elections held every other year to elect the Mayor and City Council members.

Open Records Requests

You may submit a request via online submission, mail-in, fax, or in-person.  All requests must be text form, and therefore cannot be submitted via telephone.

The written request should:

  • Reasonably identify the records needed/requested.
  • Include mailing address, phone number, or other means required to contacting you regarding the request.

There are no specific forms required for submitting an Open Records Request.

Also see:
Procedures to Obtain Information under the Public Information Act
Your Rights When Requesting Open Records

  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • MOU’s
  • Resolutions
  • Ordinances
  • City Minutes
  • City Agenda
  • Election Records
  • Financial Records (Budgets, Capital Program Budget)
  • Subdivision Plats as the City takes them over
  • Information of Historical Value
  • Divorce Decrees:  Contact Jefferson County’s District Clerk’s Office – 409-835-8580
  • Probate, Criminal Background, Marriage, Assumed Name Information:  Contact Jefferson County’s County Clerk’s Office – 409-835-8475
  • Property Taxes:  Contact Jefferson County Tax Assessor’s Office – 409-835-8516
  • Real & Business Personal Property Ownership/Appraisal Information – Contact Jefferson County Appraisal District – 409-840-9944
  • Employee name and/or job title (for example: Joe Smith or the Director of the department that record pertains to).
  • Email address if known (for example: search Joe Smith’s email for all messages to or from whatever key words that would better help the City conduct the search).
  • Phrase or keywords that they would like searched for in the email (for example: search for “loose dogs” in the following employee’s email).
  • Date range of email searches if applicable.
    • Please be advised, there could be a charge for requested information. To find the guidelines on the Charges for providing Copies, go to the ‘Fees’ tab.
  • For questions regarding this process, contact the Public Information Office at 409-880-3745. Please note that all Open Records must be in writing.

In the Public Information Portal, citizens can find:

  • City Clerk
    • City Council Minutes
    • City Ordinances
    • City Resolutions
  • Beaumont Fire & Rescue Public Files
  • Tyrrell Historical Library Digital Archives

Yes, here is a full list of fees for each type of record.

Notary Fees$5.00
City Charters$5.00
Standard Paper Copies$0.10/page
Nonstandard Paper Copy (11x17, green bar, blue bar)$0.50/page
Programming Fee (creating a new program)$28.50/hour
Labor Cost (locating, compiling, reproducing public information)$15.00/hour
Magnetic TapeActual Cost
Data CartridgeActual Cost
Tape CartridgeActual Cost
Rewritable CD (CD-RW)$1.00
Non-Rewritable CD (CD-R)$1.00
Digital Video Disc (DVD)$3.00
VHS Video Cassette$2.50
Audio Cassette$1.00

Mail-In Request

Beaumont City Hall
801 Main St. #125
Beaumont, Texas 77701
Attn: Public Information Officer

Fax Request

FAX #: 409-880-3740
Beaumont City Hall
City Clerk’s Office
Attn: Public Information Officer

In-Person Request

Beaumont City Hall
City Clerk’s Office
801 Main St. #125
Beaumont, Texas 77701


Contact us at 409-880-3745 or come see us at: 801 Main St., Ste# 125, Beaumont, TX 77701


Tina Broussard

City Clerk | City of Beaumont, Texas
July 2007  – Present
Interim City Clerk | City of Beaumont, Texas
February 2007 – July 2007
Administrative Assistant | City of Beaumont, Texas
August 2002  – February 2007

Tina Broussard joined the City of Beaumont on August 26, 2002, as an Administrative Assistant, she was later promoted to Deputy City Clerk.  Tina was then appointed Interim City Clerk on February 23, 2007, through July 11, 2007.  On July 11, 2007, Tina was appointed City Clerk and has held the position for the last 15 years.

Ms. Broussard became a Texas Registered Municipal Clerk through the University of North Texas in January of 2009 and recertifies as a Texas Registered Municipal Clerk every five years.  Ms. Broussard has served on the Resolution Committee as Chairman as well as the Certification and Nominating Committees for the Texas Municipal Clerks. Ms. Broussard is a past member and Chairperson for the Mentorship Program with the Beaumont Chamber and is currently a Board Member for United Way.  Tina speaks at a Candidate Workshop that is sponsored by the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce every year along with other speakers regarding elections on behalf of the City of Beaumont. Tina is a member of Pioneering Women which is an organization who seeks to coordinate plan and implement programs to promote education, motivation and the empowerment of women and girls.  In Tina’s spare time she enjoys shopping and taking fabulous vacations with her daughter Brittney and visiting her son Jarrel in Austin, TX., as well as reading, cooking and enjoying good food.

For the full calendar of events and  meetings, look at our City Calendar! You’ll find all the information you need and everything happening in your local city government here.