Important Information and Reporting Links for Winter Weather February 2021

Click here for more information about the Boil Water Notice issued on February 16, 2021.

Click here to report residential or commercial water leaks to the City of Beaumont water department.

The objective of this survey is to identify damages across Texas, to help emergency management officials across the state gain an understanding of damages that have occurred during the recent winter weather.

Click here to visit the DAIP website for information, support, and services pertaining to Severe Winter Weather

Click here for more information on the SBA Disaster Loan.

Click here for more information on the SBA Disaster Loan.

Click here to view the Application of Leak Repair Adjustment

Message from Beaumont City Manager, Kyle Hayes

February 19, 2021


We know you have been through a lot over the past week, and we will work through this together.  Below is a snapshot of our recovery efforts:

The city has been pumping water out to the City throughout this winter event.  As of this morning, we continue to pump water from the Pine Street Plant as well as from our wells located at Loeb in Hardin County (there have been times when we were not pumping water from Loeb due to various challenges; however, we were always pumping sufficient volumes from the Pine Plant).  Yesterday, we were pumping twice the daily winter average into the system according to staff.  We are having low-pressure issues primarily because of the high number of water leaks and breaks at homes and businesses.

As customers repair their lines, we will continue to see the water pressure increase within the distribution system.  The state of Texas requires that a boil notice be issued if pressure in the system falls below a certain level.  Once we get adequate pressure across the entire distribution system, we will be working with the state of Texas to lift the boil water notice.  As a side note, approximately 45% of Texans are living in an area with a boil notice in effect.

Also, we are picking up trash.  Monday’s route was picked up on Thursday.  We are picking up Tuesday’s regular route today.  Wednesday’s route will be picked up on Saturday and Thursday’s route will be picked up on Sunday.  Our hope is to get back on our regular schedule next Monday, February 22.

If you need help turning off your water to make needed repairs, please call 311.  We have many citizens on the list; however, we will get to you.  We will also work with all of you who have had leaks and breaks on your next water bill.

Thank you again for your patience.

Kyle Hayes

City Manager

(The Boil Water Notice was cancelled on February 21, 2021. Click here for more information.)