Beginning 12:01am January 18, 2016, Persons who wish to bail out individuals in custody at the Jefferson County jail for Beaumont Municipal court charges after business hours can post bond or pay fines online or by phone using a service GovPayNet. This service is for Beaumont Municipal Court ONLY.  Cardholders can make payments on behalf of friends or family. Full name and date of birth will be required of arrestee and bail amount.

Pay Location Codes (PLC) required for online or by phone:



(PLC) 4134 for CASH BONDS



(PLC) 4135 for FINES & COSTS


GovPayNet accepts the major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, debit and prepaid debit card brands online ( or by phone (1-877-392-2455).

Bilingual specialists are available around the clock by phone for cardholder assistance.

There is a service fee assessed by GovPayNet in addition to the funds paid for posting bonds and/or payment for fines and costs.

GovPayNet is a third party provider serving the City of Beaumont Municipal Court.