Personnel provides staff services in three functional areas: personnel administration, safety and workers’ compensation, and civil service. The personnel administration function includes obtaining qualified applicants to fill various job vacancies, maintaining equitable and competitive compensation practices, providing consultation to all departments on personnel-related issues and matters, reviewing and/or resolving employee concerns, grievances and appeals, and ensuring compliance with federal and state laws and developing and interpreting policy.

A wide variety of positions are available throughout the City of Beaumont. Competitive salaries and excellent benefits are part of what makes Beaumont a great place to work. We are always looking for talented, hardworking individuals.

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Foreword / Legalese

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

I – Employment Process

Hiring Process 1.0
Post Employment Offer Physical 1.1
Auxiliary Employees 1.2
Employee Orientation 1.3
Resignation/Separation 1.4
Exit Interviews 1.5

II – Employee Leave

Leave 2.0
Family/Medical Leave 2.4
Military Leave During A National Emergency 2.5a
Military Leave Time Accounts 2.5b
Jury Duty 2.8
Evacuation/Disaster 2.9
NIMS 2.9a
Modified Work Duty 2.10
Leave Donation Program 2.11

III – Rules of Conduct

Conditions of Work Including Outside Employment 3.0
Standards of Conduct 3.1
Code of Ethics 3.2
Drug-Free Workplace 3.3
Discrimination Complaint 3.4
Harassment Policy 3.5
Workers’ Compensation/Accident Reporting 3.6
Smoking 3.7
Safety/Safe Driving 3.8
Infectious Disease in the Work Place 3.9
Tuition Reimbursement 3.10
Grievances 3.11
Appeal of Termination 3.12
Dress Code 3.13
Vehicle Cleanliness 3.14

IV – Compensation and Benefits

Classification 4.0
Compensation 4.1
Transfers/Demotions 4.2
Longevity 4.3
Overtime/On-Call/Call-Back/Compensatory Time 4.4
Compensatory Time for Exempt Employees 4.5
Retiree Medical Insurance Program 4.6
Ambulance Transport for City Employees 4.8

V – Records

Performance Appraisals 5.0
Personnel Records 5.1

VI – Financial Services

Travel 6.1
Central Collections and Cashier 6.2
Grant Administration 6.3

VII – Internal

Computer 7.0
E-mail 7.1
Internet 7.2
Purchasing Procedures 7.3
Procurement Card Procedures 7.4
Energy Efficiency 7.5
Cellular Telephone Use 7.6
Office Cleanliness & Safety Policy 7.7
Auto Allowance 7.8
Fuel Policy 7.9
Disposal of Surplus Property 7.10
Sam’s Club Policy 7.11
Federal Debarred and Excluded Parties Policy 7.12
Contract Management 7.13
Local Bidder Preference Policy 7.14
Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Purchasing Guidelines 7.15