The City Art Project has currently assigned all locations.  To be added to the waiting list, please sign up above.

If you are under 18 years of age you will need a parent or guardian to sign the Traffic Box Painting Agreement as well as the Minor Release form.

Once you’ve signed the agreement, please send it and your artwork to this Email or you can fax it to 409-880-3712.  You can also mail it to or drop it off at City Hall:  801 Main St, Ste 330 Beaumont, TX 77701.

Once the agreement is signed by both parties and the artwork is approved then you will be able to proceed with painting the box.  You will be responsible for cleaning the box and then applying an oil based primer prior to any artwork.  This is necessary to assure that everything adheres properly to the aluminum box.  Once the oil based primer is in place you may use acrylic or any other paint that you would like to create the art.

City Art Waiting List

The City of Beaumont has undertaken a beautification project to paint traffic control boxes.  In order to participate in this program you must sign and return a Traffic Box Painting Agreement along with the artwork that you plan to paint on the box.  The artwork does not have to be in color to be approved, it may simply be sketches, but it does need to contain all of the images and text that you plan to paint on the box.  Nothing should be painted on the box that was not approved by the City.  Art and text should avoid religious, political and sexual themes.  It should not advertise for any business/organization whether for profit or non-profit.  No trademarked or copyrighted images or text are allowed.  Also, no memorials are allowed on the boxes.  Please be aware that if content is painted that was not approved you may be asked to remove or modify it.  If a box is painted that was not assigned to that artist it will be primed over so that the assigned artist can paint it.

The above button links to a google map that shows all of the boxes color coded as to available (green), assigned (blue), in progress (yellow) and completed (red).

Many boxes are available throughout the City.  The above Art Box Locations link will bring you to a map that shows all of the completed art box locations.

If you have questions regarding this project please Email or you can call 409-880-3752.

Click the video to watch the segment about our City Art Boxes on Texas Country Reporter.