Detectives are attempting to sort through sketchy details in a shooting that left one man injured.

Last night, at about 9:47 p.m., Patrol Officers responded to the Baptist Hospital Emergency Room in reference to a victim of a shooting.  Doctors were treating a 17-year-old Beaumont man for a gunshot wound to his upper left arm.  Doctors expected to treat and release the man.

Detectives were able to determine that the shooting took place at a trailer located at a trailer park in the 600 block of South 23rd Street.  The victim and a second man were inside the trailer when several other men entered the residence.  One of the men who entered the house brandished a handgun and ordered the residents to lie down on the floor.  The 17-year-old victim then began to struggle with the armed man and the man fired several shots with one of them striking the 17 year old.  All the suspects then fled from the residence. They were last seen in a four-door car.

The shooting victim and the witness decided not to phone police or EMS, but instead called a third party and waited for them to arrive to transport the victim to the hospital.  Hospital staff notified police once the victim arrived at the emergency room.

Detectives attempted to interview the witness but he was uncooperative.  The only description he gave of the suspects was that they were three, possibly four, black males with two wearing hoodies and the remaining suspect or suspects wearing t-shirts.

While investigating this shooting, officers were able to determine that at least one of the rounds fired did exit the trailer and strike the exterior of a second trailer approximately thirty yards away.  Officers did not locate any other person injured because of this shooting.

Sgt. Rob Flores, Jr.