Journaling workshops take place twice each month at the Elmo Willard Branch Library.

The library is offering a Journaling Workshop series for adults and teens because it has been found that by journaling you gain a deeper understanding of how you feel. It can help you to understand your point of view and may help you to understand someone else’s point of view; possibly helping to resolve disagreements more quickly. By journaling you are telling your life story as no one else knows it. It may help you to see your own value. People have found that journaling helps them to gain more knowledge of who they are; what they like and dislike. Journalers can pass their writing on to others – family and friends. Journaling can reduce stress by writing about anger, sadness and other painful emotions; it may actually release the intensity of these feelings. Journalers may find that they may solve problems more effectively. Many people journal because it is a fun way to write about their day and experiences. Travel journals are a great way to remember a fabulous vacation that was taken. There are many reasons for journaling and many different ways to journal. We will be exploring a variety of ways and styles of journaling throughout the series.

Special materials will be provided for use in the library during workshop hours.

The following dates have been reserved for Journaling in the Willard Library

Tuesday, January 9 – Bring your journal to use the library’s supplies; a journaling prompt will be on display

Tuesday, January 23 – Bible Journaling: how to journal in a Bible, including creative ideas to use

Questions can be addressed to Geri Roberts by calling 892-4988.