The Elmo Willard Library located at 3590 East Lucas Drive will be hosting a weekly coloring get together for adults, entitled Coloring Therapy for Adults.  The program will take place each Monday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

According to the Huffington Post, “While drawing between the lines was once reserved for children, coloring is now being used as a form of alternative therapy to help adults relieve stress and anxiety.  Co-illustrator of the The Creative Therapy Colouring Book Richard Merritt agrees that coloring can provide a much needed distraction from stress and says the experience can transport us back to easier childhood days.

When you’re coloring, you’re not really thinking about anything else.  In that moment, when you’re sitting down with a traditional piece of paper and some pens, no apps, no noise, you almost go back to being a kid again.  Coloring provides a bit of escapism.  Facebook groups have been set up in response to the coloring book trend with women (the gender predominantly taking part in the activity) coming together and sharing their stories online.

The Willard Library would like to bring adults together to de-stress.  The adults are welcome to bring children with them, if they are not disruptive

For additional information, please contact Elmo Willard Library at (409) 892-4988