From October 23 – 28, the Elmo Willard Branch Library will offer white pumpkins for the community to come to the library and place graffiti on them. The vision is for multiple people to add graffiti to each pumpkin. The pumpkins will then be displayed throughout the library for the rest of the month of October.

There are a few rules we ask people to follow:
1.  Only positive thoughts
2. Draw pictures that anyone can look at – no obscenities
3. You may not defame, malign, slander or talk (smack) about anyone
4. More than one person will add to each pumpkin

Important facts about the activity
• If the rules aren’t followed the pumpkin will not be displayed
• The pumpkins cannot leave the library.  They are the property of the Elmo Willard Library.
• Plain white pumpkins will be scattered throughout the library for anyone to take part in the graffiti.  Help yourself and get creative!
• Sharpie pens (in many colors) are available at the circulation desk – just ask and return them when you are done.
• The pumpkins will be displayed throughout the library for the rest of October and then recycled for next year.