WIC is a Supplemental State Program that provides nutritional education, breastfeeding education, and high-nutrient foods to qualifying recipients. There are offices all over Texas, which in Beaumont is a division of Public Health. Their office is on the first floor of the Public Health building, and they’re always happy to see new and expecting mothers.  

The goal of WIC is to promote healthy lives for our youngest residents, and it’s all done at no cost to you. 

Who Qualifies for WIC? 

The WIC program is designed to assist Texas residents that are on Medicaid, TANF, SNAP, or meet WIC income guidelines who are pregnant, breastfeeding or postpartum women and/or have children five years and younger. On your application, you will be asked about income and whether you currently receive Medicaid, TANF, or SNAP benefits. If you or your children receive one of these other benefits, you automatically qualify for WIC. If you have legal guardianship over a child under 5, you are also encouraged to apply to receive benefits. 

There are about 3,000 participants in the WIC program at Beaumont Public Health, and they’re always accepting new applicants. There’s a misconception that only a certain number of spots are available, so if you are accepted, you’re taking someone else’s spot who might need it more – this is simply not true! All mothers who qualify are encouraged to stay in the program to receive their full benefits. 

When and How Should You Apply?  

Women who are currently pregnant are encouraged to apply ASAP to make sure that the baby is healthy when it enters the world. If you have already given birth, you can apply to receive benefits anytime until your child turns 5. 

You can start an application online, by phone, or in person at Beaumont Public Health on College Street. The process is easy and takes less than ten minutes! You will be asked for basic information about your financial status and the health of your child. 

What to Expect from the WIC Program

Benefits are provided on a 3-month basis, so you won’t have to come in every month, but when you do, you’ll be provided with nutrition education or asked to give an update on your child’s weight, height, and general health, which will be recorded for individualized benefits purposes. You will receive an EBT card accepted at most grocery stores to buy food, formula, fruits, vegetables, and items necessary for your child’s health and development. 

Why You Should Take Advantage of WIC – The Benefits 

WIC is designed to educate mothers and caregivers on the best practices for children at all stages of life. There are many resources and tools online and at Beaumont Public Health to guide you through early parenthood, including breastfeeding materials, food education, and much more. Our friendly WIC staff can answer any question you have, and they are eager to help you!