At 12:48am this morning, an accident in the 2700 block of Eastex Freeway resulted in an unfortunate fatality.


The driver of a tan Nissan Sentra lost control of his vehicle and consequently crashed into the dividing barricade. The impact of the crash spun the Sentra around, causing the vehicle to come to a rest facing on-coming traffic. Drivers of other vehicles observed the wreck and stopped to help. As they were assisting the driver with picking up various scattered pieces of his vehicle, the driver re-entered his Sentra. Moments later, an 18-wheeler traveling in the same lane was unable to stop in time, and slammed into the Sentra with the driver still inside. As a result of the 18-wheeler’s contact with Sentra, the driver of the Sentra was killed. The name of the driver of the Sentra will remain undisclosed, until his next-of-kin is notifed.