Information Update
At approximately 2:18 PM, 4/21/2016, Firefighters with Beaumont Fire Rescue responded to a structure fire reported at 3430 Taliaferro. When firefighters arrived, they found heavy smoke conditions. Occupants of the house told firefighters four people were in the house at the time of the fire but only three were able to escape before firefighters arrived. Firefighters made a quick attack, and even though they confined the fire to one bedroom, a victim was found in a room nearby.
The victim has been identified as Richard Richardson, age 61. His family has been notified.
The fire originated in a bedroom and appears to have started on a bed which was ignited by smoking materials. Mr. Richardson went back into the room in an attempt to extinguish the fire and did not come out when the other occupants evacuated. The cause of the fire appears to accidental.
An autopsy was preformed Friday morning and the preliminary autopsy results indicate Mr. Richardson died from smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. The death is considered accidental.

Beaumont Firefighters want to remind everyone to always have a working smoke detector and in the event of the fire, call 911 then Get Out And Stay Out.