Beaumont Police detectives arrested three men this weekend and one this morning for the Murder of Rhydan Bolton, 20 year old Lamar student from Houston. Detectives have been working with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office on the homicide that occurred January 19, 2015 at 1:06 AM in the 500 block of Florida.

Diego Torres, 18 year old Beaumont man, was arrested late Saturday night from a residence in the 2200 block of Gladys. Orlando Garcia, 22 year old Beaumont man and Kristofer Garcia, 21 year old Beaumont man, were arrested in the 200 block of I10 S. late Sunday night.  The US Marshall’s Office picked up Darren Javon Spikes, 21 year old man from Jasper, this morning.   All will be booked in Jefferson County Corrections Facility for Murder.  Torres has a $175,000 bond and Orlando, Kristofer and Spikes have a $300,000 bond.

The investigation revealed that Bolton and the driver of the vehicle Bolton was in, didn’t know the suspects or have any affiliation with them. They stopped by the store and the suspects were allegedly targeting someone else that drove a similar vehicle and resembled the victims.

Diego Torres                                                 Orlando Garcia                                         Kristofer Garcia

Torres, Diego    Garcia, Orlando    Garcia, Kristofer

Darren Javon Spikes



Officer Carol Riley